Spotlight on MK

The original purpose of this blog was to share stories and pictures of our family, especially the girls, with our extended family.  I haven’t had any recent posts featuring MK, and I want you all to know what a cute and fun baby girl she is.

This picture was taken back in August.  I love her snaggletooth grin!  Now she has four teeth across the top, three and a half on the bottom (one is just about half way in), and two molars on the top.

This is MK’s take on Little Red Riding Hood.

Fall Festival 2010

This picture was taken around Christmas.  MK is playing with her new block set my sis bought for her.

MK grabbed this pillow one morning, brought it to the living room, and within two minutes of laying down, she was out.

One of MK’s new favorite tricks is getting up and down on the furniture.

She really likes to play with EK’s stool, especially upside down.

Another new thing MK is into is shoes.  It doesn’t matter who’s or what size, she tries to put the shoes on and walk around in them.


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