Weekend mountain trip

The weekend before Thanksgiving, we headed up to Scaly Mountain, NC.  One of Hubby’s bosses has a house up there that he had offered to us, so we took him up on it.  We visited and shopped Highlands, one of my favorite towns, hiked some of a trail to Rabun Point, ate at The Dillard House and visited some anitques stores in the area.  It was a great little getaway.

It wasn’t all that cold in the next picture, but there was a bit of a breeze.  I didn’t want MK’s head getting cold, so I used my scarf to make her a head covering.

After lunch at The Dillard House, we walked the property a bit.  They had these lovely harvest displays at the entrance to one of the buildings.  They were beckoning for a picture opp, so that’s just what we did.

Just a fun picture of EK with a huge mountain laurel in the background.

We decided on the way home to check out Lake Burton especially the real estate since it’s supposed to be swanky.  We saw some beautiful lake houses, but this was the best thing I saw (& didn’t hear. ha!)  We also saw some wild turkeys; a first for the girls and me.

Funny side story:  One night while we up there, EK comes out of her bedroom with her finger in her hair.  Her finger was stuck and the tip was starting to have a blueish tint to it.  Apparently, she had been twirling her hair and had done so so fervently that her hair entrapped her finger.  Thankfully, after some strategic and careful combing all was well, and EK was back to bed.  Needless to say, she is banned from twirling her hair.  This was not the first time she had made of mess of her hair because of twirling.  The other notable time before this incident, she knotted her hair so badly, I had to cut the knot out.  This was the first and only time scissors have touch her hair.  As ridiculous as it sounds, it really upset me.


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