My Philly connection

I realized that I never shared about Hubby’s and my trip to the Philadelphia area back in Nov.  Well, here I go.

Hubby had a plant breeders conference in Kennett Square, PA at Longwood Gardens.  After much discussion, angst over leaving the girls, and jumping from excitement to thoughts of being overwhelmed with the entire prospect of the trip, I decided to join Hubby (add in some more angst over leaving the girls).  Well, of course, Hubby and I had a great time, and the girls were fine in the care of their grandparents.  But man, was I ever happy to be “mama” again after two days of missing my babies.

Okay, that’s enough about my emotional unstability, here’s what we did.  We weren’t actually staying in Philadelphia so we decided that we were going to do a whirlwind tour of the main attractions of the city before heading to our destination.  We laned in Philly on a Wednesday around lunch time.  We picked up our rental car and headed to the Liberty Bell Center.

This musician filled the Liberty Bell Center with recorder music of the colonial America period.  Lovely.

We waited and waited to try to get a picture of only Hubby and I with the bell, but became impatient and asked some random person to take one of us, regardless of who else we would document.  The guy on the far right looks like a nice guy, whoever he is.

Next on the Philly must-do list was Independence Hall.  The outside of the building had scaffolding on it; no good pics.  The inside was beautiful as you can see.  And isn’t it neat that our founding fathers had a knack for decorating…check out the mix-n-match chairs.  What talented men they were.  They laid the foundations of our nation and managed to do it in style.  Ha!

Lastly, we visited the U.S. Mint.  No pictures allowed in the mint.  This mint only produces coins and they were all over the floor of the production line.  Every penny counts is all I got to say.

That’s all the historic district sightseeing we had time for.  Hubby had to get to the hotel and freshen up for a cocktail hour to start the conference.  We realized how hungry we were and decided to stop for a bite to eat at Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop.  This is what we ordered:

This SlawBejo sandwich was incredibly messy, and oh sooooo delicious.  Right around the corner was this cool home and garden center, Terrain at Styers.  It has the neatest mix of trendy and vintage inspired home wares and lovely displays of plants.  I had never been to garden center quite like it.  I was hoping there was store near us in GA, but nope…shucks.

We eventually made it to the hotel.  The next morning, Hubby had to be at the conference all day so I had the opportunity to explore.  I visited the Brandywine River Museum and the Philadelphia Museum of Art with the company of the wife of one of Hubby’s bosses.  She is an artist and was wonderful to hang out because of all her knowledge.  After a tasty lunch together, I returned my companion to the hotel for some rest, and I went back out to do a little shopping before picking up Hubby for dinner.

Hubby did a little ‘research’ before our trip and found this restaurant for us to try.  The Orchard held up to its accolades.

During my escapades of the day, I also did some driving and checked out downtown Kennett Square (cute) and visited Winterthur in Delaware.  Winterthur is the museum and estate founded by Henry Francis du Pont.  Can you say family money?

Winterthur was sponsoring the Delaware Antiques Show in Wilmington.  I visited the show, although I should have known that I was going to be in over my head when I found out that Martha Stewart was opening the show the evening before.  This was hard-core antiquing; beautiful furniture, paintings, jewelry, and accessories costing six figures (in front of the decimal point!).  It is a vast understatement to say I was out of my league.

Well, no trip to Philadelphia would be complete without an authentic philly cheesesteak, right?  Don’t worry, we got one right before we dropped off our rental car and headed home.  A great finish to a fun trip.


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