Dress up and bath time

The girls are at such a fun age right now.  EK is 3 1/2 and MK is 1 1/2.  They play great together, enjoy most of the same activities (mainly cuz MK wants to do what big sis does), and do some of the funniest and cutest things.  Case in point, many evenings after dinner our living room floor becomes the site for Wrestle Mania 2011.  The girls are rolling around tickling each other and hysterically giggling the entire time.  In one specific incident, after neither one of them could breathe anymore from laughing so hard, EK sits up and leans over MK and tells her, “I love you.”  in the most calm and sincere voice.  Talk about a melt-my-heart moment.

This next pic cracks me up.  Check out MK’s face.  I was telling her to give be a big smile and say cheese.

This picture was taken in Jan. 2010.  I thought I would add it for comparison between it and the last picture.


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