Necklace holder or hanger or organizer?

I don’t really know what to call what I am about to share, hence the title.  But for time sake let’s just agree to call it a necklace holder, K?

So, said necklace holder has been in my mind for a while and was quickly added to Hubby’s on-going To Do list.  The last drawer of my jewelry box was designated for necklaces, but after a couple fun thrifted finds, the drawer could no longer contain them all.  The best solution I had seen was to hang the necklaces and that was the inspiration for the project.

Hubby had most of the supplies in the garage from previous tasks.  He used birch plywood for the backing, mirror frame/trim, 3/8 inch dowels, and spray paint.

In this first picture, the trim had been glued and was setting up.  Nothing like using the filing cabinet in the basement as a sawhorse. Ha.

The pegs are now in place.

The finished product.  You can’t really tell from the previous pictures, but the trim was actually two different colors.  One was a satin nickel finish and the other color was champagne.  It was slightly challenging deciding what color I wanted the necklace holder painted, although I knew I wanted something in the neutral family.  White was too stark and black was too bold, so we found a metallic spray paint that wasn’t too silver that we liked.  I am very pleased (to say the least) with how it turned out.

I really enjoy having all my necklaces where I can see them at one time.  Plus it is handy because they don’t tangle as easily as they did when they were lying in the drawer.  As you can see the necklace holder resides discretely behind our bedroom door.


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