Easter 2011 revisited

At the end of my last post, I made mention of more pictures to come of our festivities.  Well, they have finally arrived.  We had some technical difficulties that waylaid my intentions/plans.  And then there was life; that obviously can’t be stop.  And so now, well over a month later, I deliver on my promise.  These pictures are from the egg hunt we had at Mamaw’s and Big Daddy’s house Easter evening.

Last Easter, MK was army crawling, so this year she was able to really get into the festivities.  Once all the eggs were collected, MK set down her basket to sample her loot.

a tough decision: which one to choose?

She decided on a blue egg, opened it and proceeded to eat the entire contents…all at once.

Most mothers are wise enough to intercede at this point to avoid chocking.  But no, not me, I wanted to see how much she could get into her mouth.  What does that say about me?

With all the candy stuffed in her chipmunk cheeks, she handed me the empty egg.

"all done."

Somehow the child was able to chew and swallow her candy.  And don’t worry, I watched her the entire time to make sure there was no need for the Heimlich.

This is a picture of Mamaw’s and Big Daddy’s grandkids (check out MK who is still chewing-ha!).


2 thoughts on “Easter 2011 revisited

  1. I just found this blog and loved reading it. I also wanted to say that I think that if Ellie had done that with the candy, you most likely would have stopped her. Baby #2 tends to get away with much more because we realize that they will be fine. And, Heaven forbid, they need any help, we will be there. However, they have room to explore and grow on their own under our not as uptight supervision. (At least that is the way it is in our household.)
    I hope everything is going well there. We are continuing to do well here. Michael just finished school this morning for the year and Ella’s personality is really developing. I can’t wait to read more of your blog.

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