A few weeks back we were able to enjoy a long weekend in Helen with Hubby’s mom side of the family.  We all stayed in a house together which was a lot of fun; like a huge slumber party.  We all brought too much stuff, ate too much, and some of us stayed up way too late.  All of which made for good times.

It was a hot day, so icecream was in order.

Even Cousin K was in on the action.  She would tell her mama when she wanted more by giving a brief squeal.  Too funny.

After the refreshment break we walked around town.

We visited a spider zoo.  All kinds of arachnids and some lizards too.  The girls thought it was cool.

Here’s Cousin K getting a much needed and deserved nap on The Ether Shoulder (aka: Big Daddy).

We had breakfast one morning at Unicoi Lodge.  EK had to wear Mamaw’s visor because the sun was coming in through the sky light and hitting EK right in the eyes.

After breakfast, some of our group headed over to “hike” to Anna Ruby Falls.  The word ‘hike’ is loosely used here since the trail to the waterfalls were paved and well managed.  This picture is not Anna Ruby Falls; just a baby waterfall along the walking path.

Here’s Mamaw taking a photo opp with two little girls wanting a rest stop.

Look at this tree growing out of the rock.  I had never seen anything like it.  Pretty cool.

We visited Goats on the Roof.  I had seen a special on GPTV about it, and it looked really neat.  Well, the Helen location was a flop.  There were only two goats and the ways to feed them were not usable for EK. Oh well.  We had a great weekend regardless.


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