Let’s make this official

If we haven’t already told you or you hadn’t heard it through the grapevine, we are expecting baby #3 in early March.  Initially the news was a shocker for us as we were not planning for more little ones, but shock soon turned to excitement.  We are so looking forward to holding this little surprise blessing in our arms this spring.  Here’s some Q & A just so you know:

Q:  “How far along are you?”

A:  I’m almost 13 weeks

Q:  “How are you feeling?”

A:  Pretty good.  I have my days when I am really tired and irritable and sometimes in the evenings I feel a little ‘yucky.’  No morning sickness, so no complaints here. 😉

Q:  “Are you going to find out if you’re having a girl or a boy?”

A:  Absolutely!  I like to have things planned out so we definitely want to know the sex.  We’ll find out mid-October…can’t wait.


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