Being a female and having two daughters, hair is a frequent topic in our house.  Lately, it is MK who is very interested in her locks.  She combs her hair and wants to have her hair done.  Since she has curls and I do not, I am on a learning curve with how to fix her hair.  Thankful I have her Great Meme, Mamaw and Auntie M to help me in this department.  Mamaw has passed down some curl hair product to accentuate MK’s locks, and since then, I have busted MK on two occasions with her “beauty shop” set-up in the middle of the living room complete with combs, brushes, water spray bottle, hair spray, and the curl enhancer being slathered in her hair.  The other night in one of her primping episodes she got a small round brush stuck in her hair.  It took some coaxing, but I was able to get it out with little damage done.

In other hair news, I got a haircut.  It’s not that drastic, but I wanted to share so out-of-town family and friends can get a glimpse.  So here is the blah picture of me.  I now have an great appreciation for those that can take good pictures of themselves.



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