28 week pregnancy update

I am now officially in my third trimester.  I went for my glucose test and a regular check-up with my OB yesterday.  All checked out well at my OB appointment.  Baby boy gave the fetal doppler a couple of swift kicks as Dr. Shah was checking his heart rate (132 BPM).  To date, in this pregnancy, I have gained a total of 28.5 pounds (yow-zers!), and I am measuring 29 cm.  Dr. Shah says baby boy is head down, which explains why I have more of a waddle lately.  Thankfully, the pregnancy is progressing nicely; the only minor complaint I have is some round ligament pain when I try to turn to my other side at night.  I’ll start seeing my OB every two weeks now until I’m 36 weeks (then weekly at that point) which is exciting to me because I love hearing the baby’s heartbeat.

Mags wanted a picture of her belly too.  I just want to give that sweet skin a big ol’ raspberrry!

Link to last preggo report:  20 week pregnancy update


2 thoughts on “28 week pregnancy update

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