Catching up

So what’s been happening these last few months? Well, the most obvious and dramatic change has been the birth of our son (SK) at the end of February.

Labor and delivery went well. Like with the girls, I was induced, but this time things progressed in half the time…from starting the pitocin to birth was a total of 3 1/2 hours! I had an epidural with EK, and asked for one with MK but it was too late, and with SK I was able to go without medication-didn’t even ask this time-ha!  The first month seemed to fly by.  Life consisted of feeding and sleeping for SK, and we had my family come visit.  The second month came with some challenges.  There were breastfeeding issues that lead to some other issues, but now at three months, we are doing well.  Of course things aren’t perfect, but we are blessed with a sweet boy.

The transition from 2 to 3 children is by no means easy, but I found/find it to be easier than from one to two.  Maybe it is because SK is an easier baby than MK; she was a sensitive little one. Or, maybe it is just because as a mother with two other children I have learned to juggle the demands of life a bit better.

So, right now, our days are pretty laid back.  We have a couple of days each week we try to get out, but most of the time we are home so SK can take his naps, and I can try to keep up with the dishes and laundry (yay, right!).  I won’t deny the fact I am looking forward to SK being a little older so we can do some more fun things.  But I know these days are few, and I am trying to enjoy each of them because he WILL be our last baby.;)

*The three pictures in this post were taken at the hospital by Bella Baby Photography.  Copyrights apply.


2 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. So glad to see these pictures of SK, and thanks, too for your e-mail. Abby always keep me in the loop with your life, but I miss seeing you in person! (and I’m not implying that seeing the blog is like seeing you in person):)

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