EK’s first haircut

EK had her first haircut yesterday.  I know this is probably no big deal to most people, but it was something special for me.  It was a milestone; similar to her first steps.  Instead of transitioning from a crawling baby to a walking toddler, she has now transitioned into girlhood.  I wanted to wait until August when she turns 5 because again, that is a big milestone in her little life.  She’ll be a whole hand old, half a decade!  But her lovely blonde locks needed a cut badly.  Her hair was looking stringy and knotted easily.


When I first mentioned getting her hair cut, Ellie was not interested.  She said, “I don’t want to look like a boy.”  I then explained that the haircut would just take a little bit off the ends of her hair and not cut it off completely.  She was okay with it then.


And here’s the finished product.  Nothing drastic, but the cut cleaned up the ends and looks cute.  Needless to say, she’s a pretty little girl on the inside and out regardless of what her hair looks like, but her hair does look better/healthier after the cut.



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