SK at 3 months

As I have gotten back to blogging, I have been reading my old posts.  I came across this post which spurred the following.  It is funny (& a little sad) how much I had forgotten about the girls, so this post is to serve as a snapshot of life when I try to think back on this time.

Feeding:  SK nurses about 8 minutes on the first side and about 5 minutes on the next.  From a bottle, he drinks around 7 oz.  He is a gassy guy, so there are always lots of burps and some spit-up.  He eats every 3 to 3 1/2 hours.  Right now we are dropping the “dreamfeed.”  Since I am pumping at night, I have been reducing the amount he is getting at this feeding.  I started with 4 oz. then reduced it to 3 oz. for week, reduced it to 2 oz for 4 days, and now I am giving him 1 oz.  Right now he weighs 14 lbs.

Playtime:  SK is figuring out his hands and arms.  He bats at the toys on his playmat trying to grab them and sometimes he catches one.  He can get his thumb pretty easily when in his bed and is occasionaly able to find it sitting up.  He prefers his right, but has found his left thumb a couple of times.  SK LOVES being outside.  He just looks around and watches the tree leaves sway.  He has rolled from his belly to his back three times.

Napping:  I would say SK is a good sleeper.  Naps aren’t 100% consistent in length, but he usually gives me two good naps a day.  A third nap is kinda sketchy.  He still protest going to sleep, but he is doing better.  Usually, he fusses when I close the door to his room, and then will sporadically fuss/grunt/cry out.  Within 10 mins or so he is asleep.

Socially:  SK is a happy boy most of the time.  He smiles alot and is now laughing.  MK gets the most laughs, but that is probably because she is in his face alot talking baby talk with him.  Our little guy is more “talkative” than I remember the girls being; lots of cooing and grunting.



8:15/20 NAP


11:45/50 NAP


3:20 NAP



7:15 EAT




5 thoughts on “SK at 3 months

  1. I second that. I was just thinking he looks just like you!! Such a cutie. Maybe I’ll get to snuggle him one day before he’s five. sniff, sniff, sniff. You and SK need to visit home sweet homa!! 😉

  2. He is SO cute!! I miss getting to see him as much as I did the girls at this age but you don’t seem to venture out quite as much as you did then. And my life just seems to get more & more congested!

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