This year’s garden

Year after year, the garden continues to expand despite its growth restriction of the fence.  Hubby added potatoes this year to the produce list, and yielded 27 pounds.  Needless to say, we were eating potatoes in almost anyway they could be prepared.  Remember Bubba from Forest Gump listing all the ways to eat shrimp…yeah, that was us with potatoes.  Ha!  We also had some success with carrots.  We tried them last year, but nothing; probably planted them too late.  But my favorite expansion planting was strawberries.  I’ve only been asking Hubby for the past…um…6 years or so to have some strawberries, and now I have them.  They are small, but nice and sweet.  I wish they produced enough to make some jam.  But who am I kidding, with three children under 5 I wouldn’t be makin’ any jam even if I had bushels of strawberries.   One of these days I will though.  I’ll add that to my list. 🙂


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