Baby Dedication


bow tie boy

We finally dedicated SK this past Sunday.  Poor kid had to wait until he was almost a year old before we ceremonially committed to raise him in a christian home.  With the girls, I had planned their dedication way in advance knowing shortly after their birth exactly when the event would take place, and EK even had a party afterwards.  I realized a few weeks back that SK hadn’t yet been dedicated, and we were quickly approaching his first birthday.  That is what precipitated his dedication; not planning and preparedness but reaction and a deadline. (insert sarcastic tone) Way to go mom!

I love baby dedication not only for the scriptural significance, but also because I am a proud mama and enjoy showing off my youngin’s (what mom doesn’t?).  Also, baby dedication Sundays are some of my favorite because they demonstrate that children are tangible blessings given to us by God, and I am reminded of this fact.  Plus, babies are so stinkin’ cute, everyone likes to see them. 😉

Obviously, much more could be said about the sentiment of baby dedication but I won’t bore you with that…so without further ado, I present some pictures of SK’s dedication:


being presented to the congregation


being prayed over


the kids with our wonderful pastor and his sweet wife


sk decided he wanted to snuggle up on our pastor


tangible blessings


3 thoughts on “Baby Dedication

  1. I was just looking for updates on your wonderful family. So glad I checked out the blog. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful celebration for SK! They are all getting so big!!

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