The many uses of coconut oil

96070-OrganicCoconutOil Recently, I’ve been on an unintentional quest to see how many [legitimate] uses I can come up with  for coconut oil.  Cooking is probably what first comes to mind on how to use coconut oil.  And yes, even though it is great in the kitchen, I have found a greater advantage of this product in the cosmetic department of our home life.  Our skin and hair have benefited significantly from this fruit.  So far, I have experimented with coconut oil as:

-a lip balm:  It was okay. I would use it in a bind, but didn’t like the “taste.”

-body lotion:  Just a dap will do ya.  Smells yummy.

-eye make-up residue remover:  Smear a bit on around the eye and wipe off with a cotton swab.  Works wonderfully.

-facial moisturizer:  This is my favorite use for coconut oil.  I use it daily on my face, especially around my eyes.  I have dry skin, and it drinks up the oil leaving it super smooth with a hint of a dewey glow.

-make-up primer:  Depending on the days activities, I may use the coconut oil underneath my other moisturizer and/or sunscreen.  It seems like a lot of layers, but I end up with a smooth canvas for my make-up.

-anti-frizz hair serum:  I am a blessed mother of three children, two of them girls—one with straight hair, one with curly hair.  “Beauty shop” is a frequent game with play. 😉  Well, the other day when Ms. Curly-Q was Chief Crazy Hair, I decided beauty shop was now in session and coconut oil would be our product demonstration for the day.  Low and behold, the stuff worked to soothe the wild tresses of my gorgeous second daughter.

3f7dac35-ba94-430e-9772-1f87dd111d0fwallpaper 2f673244-f67c-4a54-b6b6-75dee5427279wallpaperI have a few more ways to try the coconut oil (i.e. body scrub and shaving cream), and as I discover additional uses for this versatile product, I will update this post.

So out of curiosity, have you used coconut oil for any purposes other than cooking?  Give me some suggestions for how else to use it.


2 thoughts on “The many uses of coconut oil

  1. Love coconut oil! I massage it into baby’s scalp just before bathtime to help with dry skin/cradle cap 🙂

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